Agnese Nelms Haury Program in Environment and Social Justice


Apply for New Grants Spring 2017 - Request for Proposals Now Open

The Agnese Nelms Haury Program awards financial support to community non-profits, University of Arizona (UA) students, UA faculty, and others working in social justice or environmental stewardship. At this time, the Program focuses on work in and to benefit the American Southwest.

The Haury Program is seeking proposals for seed grants, visiting fellowships and faculty fellowships. The Program expects to award 2-3 seed grants, 2-4 visiting fellowships and 2 faculty fellowships. Details about the requirements, eligibility, information sessions, and schedules are found in the specific RFP.  

Seed Grants

Visiting Fellowship

Faculty Fellowship

Budget Template

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Support for Community Partners, UA Faculty & Other Professionals

The Program offers four types of financial support annually.

Award Spring Fall
Challenge Grants: Up to $200K for up to 3 years for UA-Community partnerships addressing complex challenges    x
Seed Grants: Awards up to 2 years for new UA-Community partnerships; $100,000/year divided among 2–4 grantees x x
Faculty Fellowships: Two-year appointments for early- to mid-career or changing-career UA faculty  x  
Visiting Fellowships: For non-UA scholars and non-academic professionals to develop service work, research or advocacy with UA colleagues and regional communities x x


The Program may also offer funds by invitation only to support its specific strategic priorities, such as our current strategic focus on Next Generation Communications, and only as part of our larger ongoing efforts. In fiscal year 2017 (July 2016 - June 2017), the Program is no longer providing funds for unsolicited requests such as those for stand alone conference convening or attendance. The investment pillars of our Next Generation Communications Initiative are capcity, dialogue, and advocacy.

Next Generation Communications Initiative: In fiscal year 2017, the Haury Program is directing discretionary funds strategically to operational efforts to develop new communication skills and build capacities and to use new approaches in communication. These efforts are designed to transform communication and improve voice in sustained ways. The Haury Program is investing primarily in three areas:

  • improve communication of research and projects in an inclusive manner,
  • grow messaging and networking, and
  • use new media and methods for communication.