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Please join us on September 18th at 5 pm at the Health Sciences Innovation Building, HSIB Forum 100B at 1670 E Drachman St a the University of Arizona in Tucson ( for a unique event centering experiences and visions of equity by students, faculty and community. 

Arizona Town Hall ( is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that educates, engages, connects, and empowers Arizonans to solve critical policy issues. Founded in 1962, Arizona Town Hall is one of Arizona's most longstanding and trusted non-partisan sources for Arizona policy solutions. In 2023, Arizona Town Hall will host community and future leaders town halls around the state centered on the topic of "Equity for All Arizonans."

One of such events will be hosted at the University of Arizona on September 18th, 2023 organized in collaboration with the Haury Program and University of Arizona Cultural and Inclusive Experiential Learning Opportunities (CIELO) Program. The Cultural & Inclusive Experiential Learning Opportunities (CIELO)-formerly known as Global Experiential Learning (GEL) under the Office of Diversity & Inclusion integrates travel, multicultural education, and service learning to empower students with knowledge and skill sets to utilize as they continue their careers at UA and beyond. CIELO actively seeks to provide a valuable holistic student experience in the form of short-term trips both domestic and abroad. Themes of interdisciplinary learning through civic engagement, cultural immersion, environmental justice, and social equity are explored through CIELO programming (

In addition to international experiences, just this past June, CIELO hosted their first-ever Tribal Nations of Arizona Experience, which was a week-long pilot project designed in partnership with the University of Arizona's College of Nursing & Public Health and supported by the Haury Program. Participants were able to visit and learn about the communities of the Hopi, Navajo, Pascua Yaqui, and Tohono O'odham Nations' healthcare practices at nexus with food sovereignty and equity. Students were also able to engage in a service project with Dr. Johnson from UA Indigenous Resilience Center. (For a story on this program, please visit: (

At the event on September 18th, participants will be able to learn about “Equity for All Arizonans” 2023 Background Report Summary and CIELO programs, and then discuss their own experiences and visions of equity.

Everyone is invited! Food and refreshments will be provided, please stay tuned for more details and registration link coming soon.



Conversations With Haury featuring U.N. Special Rapporteur José Francisco (Pancho) Calí Tzay, and Regents Professor and Arizona Law IPLP faculty co-chair Robert A. Williams

On February 15, 2021, Haury Program Interim Director Toni Massaro hosted a conversation between U.N. Special Rapporteur José Francisco (Pancho) Calí Tzay and Regents Professor and Arizona Law IPLP faculty co-chair Robert A. Williams. Mr. Calí Tzay mentioned that indigenous communities worldwide face unique challenges in terms of human rights and access to resources. These challenges, Pancho commented, are due to the lack of knowledge of indigenous realities; for example, the majority of Indigenous people worldwide live in urban, not rural areas, which prevents the creation of effective policies. Learn more about Mr. Calí Tzay's work on analyzing the impact of COVID-19 on Indigenous communities worldwide and good practices promoted by the governments of Ecuador, Bolivia, New Zealand, and Australia. 

Watch the video here


Conversations With Haury featuring SVP for Native American Advancement Nathan Levi Esquerra

On November 16, 2020, Haury Program Interim Director Toni Massaro had a conversation with SVP for Native American Advancement Nathan Levi Esquerra where SVP Esquerra spoke passionately about the importance of closing the social justice gap faced by Native Americans. Also, they talked about SVP Esquerra's vision for the UArizona Native American Advancement office. SVP Esquerra commented he is working on incorporating tribal perspectives and concerns into UArizona policies, especially into the Tribal Consultation Policy.

Listen to the audio here
Watch the video here


Native Know-How webinar

On September 23, 2020, the Haury Program sponsored the Native Know-How webinar. The webinar, carried out by the UArizona Native Nations Institute, offered tools and knowledge to better understand the cultural and governmental significant issues when working with Native Americans and tribal entities to create/enhance thriving working relationships. Joan Timeche (Executive Director of NNI), Danielle Hiraldo (Tribal Outreach Specialist/Senior Researcher), and Davida Delmar (Program Coordinator, Sr. for Tribal Services) facilitated the session. 

To listen to the session, please register at the link below. Once you fill out the required information, a direct link to the video will be provided.
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