Challenge Grants

Challenge Grants

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The Agnese Nelms Haury Program in Environment and Social Justice is honored to announce Senior Vice President for Research and Innovation Dr. Elizabeth “Betsy” R. Cantwell is joining our Donor-Advised Fund Board. Dr. Cantwell will join the efforts of five other representatives committed to supporting research and community-based outreach to solve “wicked” societal and environmental challenges in Southern Arizona and beyond. We are eager to work with Dr. Cantwell and further the work the Haury Program and the UArizona are carrying out in partnership with the communities we serve. 

Welcome aboard Dr. Cantwell! 

We also want to thank Katherine Whisman, former UArizona Senior Associate Vice President and Chief Budget Officer, who recently retired and served at the Haury DAF Board between 2016 and 2020. Happy well-deserved retirement, Kathy!

This grant had many of the features that the Haury Program is looking for. These include the areas of the grant were Haury Program focus areas such as voice and pollution. The grant will build capacity for addressing environmental impacts either in the future or other legacy environmental impacts, and the methodologies being implemented can be used in other geographic areas or native nations.

For the Haury Program Challenge Grant Proposal, only include in the scope of work the project that can be completed for the amount of the possible Haury Program award.

We received a total of twelve (12) proposals from which the review panel selected three finalists. A second review panel selected the challenge grant awardee from the three finalists.