Grant Writing Resources

Grant Writing Resources

Grant Writing Resources

Foundations have different requirements for the presentation of proposals for funding, The Haury Program encourages you to carefully read and follow the instructions of our Request for Proposals (RFP) that are issued twice a year, during spring and fall.

Application requirements vary across grants, be sure to follow the requirements and eligibility criteria as well as to include any additional form such as the Illustration of Change Table and the Budget.

Be clear and concise, use the Illustration of Change Table to create your narrative and clearly explain what you want to accomplish, who is going to do it and how it will be carried out. Since gathering information and building partnerships required by The Haury Program take time, please pay attention to deadlines and the required letters of commitment from the community.

The Haury Program applications typically consist of 8 sections:

  • Cover Page
  • Narrative
  • Illustration of Change Table
  • Budget
  • Communication/Outreach plan
  • Letter (s) of commitments
  • Biographies of the project leaders, and
  • A statement of previous/current Haury Program Funding

More details about the proposal content requirements are specified in the corresponding Request for Proposals.

If you are affiliated to The University of Arizona, the UA Research Gateway offers institutional access to the Research Development and Grantwriting News by Academic Research Funding Strategies, LLC.

The Academic Research Funding Strategies, LLC aims to develop the skills of UA faculty and staff to compete successfully for research funding by developing the expertise in-house to identify funding opportunities, understand funding agencies, and develop successful grant proposals, and by providing editing and review services. More details about this service offered to UA faculty and staff here.

Also, The University of Arizona Research Gateway provides extensive external grant writing resources where you can find tips for writing a grant, grant writing tools for non-profit organizations, a helpful instruction manual for grant writers and a proposal planning guide.