Majerle Dave Lister, UArizona School of Geography, Development and Environment

Majerle Dave Lister

Majerle Dave Lister

2021 Fellow

University of North Carolina
UArizona School of Geography, Development, and Environment

Mr. Majerle Dave Lister is a specialist in Indigenous lands, Diné politics, and governance. He is from the University of North Carolina. Mr. Majerle Dave Lister will be working with Dr. Andrew Curley, Assistant Professor at the UArizona School of Geography and Development, to explore the role of energy and Southwest politics in Navajo geography.

Mr. Lister's research focuses on Indigenous/Navajo geography, land, infrastructure, and energy. He's interested in land struggles that Indigenous peoples face and the role of infrastructure and energy in those struggles. Other interests include exploring how infrastructure creates space and temporalities within Indigenous peoples and how they are asserting self-determination in development. He is also interested in food sovereignty in Indigenous communities and how self-determination is expressed via food production and distribution.