Our vision is that all people can live more sustainable lives if we confront thoughtfully and collaboratively the many environmental challenges of this century.  In particular, we seek a world in which reliable and safe water is available to all. 

To achieve our vision, the Agnese Nelms Haury Program in Environment and Social Justice supports people and innovative collaborations between the University of Arizona and community organizations that improve water resilience, with particular emphasis on the water access and quality challenges that face Native American and Indigenous people.

Between 2014 and 2019, the Haury Program invested $8,395,690 in approximately 70 individuals and teams of the University of Arizona and community partners in project-based work, including several Indian country projects conducted in partnership with Native faculty, staff, and students. During this time, the Haury Program supported an array of programming, research, and learning through various grantmaking and fellowship funding with a consistent focus on three areas of funding: Education and scholarship opportunitiesUniversity-community partnerships, and in Next-Generation Communication programs and initiatives

In 2020, the Haury Program established the Tribal Resilience Initiative in response to the water sustainability challenges faced by Indian Country due to COVID-19. The Initiative has two primary components: support of work that addresses water sustainability challenges for Native and Indigenous communities, and strengthening the Native and Indigenous scholar, student, and staff pathway at UArizona. The Haury Program committed its primary future grants and other resources to support the water sustainability goals of Native and Indigenous communities with a primary emphasis on the Navajo Nation, and to strengthening the Native American and Indigenous students, faculty, and staff pathways at the UArizona. 

UArizona is a globally respected leader in water science and policy and in education and outreach that elevates Native and Indigenous voices and respects tribal sovereignty and Native knowledge.  The Haury Program draws from these UArizona pillars and seeks to enhance the outreach mission in these areas.

The Haury Program is part of the Arizona Institute for Resilient Environments and Societies (AIRES) family. AIRES is a coalition of researchers and policy experts from the University of Arizona who are consolidating intellectual resources to pursue scalable work aimed at building resilience. Together, the Haury Program and AIRES pursue non-siloed collaboration across campus departments and disciplines to better bring UArizona cutting-edge research and ideas to the world.


Guided by Values

The Haury Program is guided by the values that defined the life and philanthropy of Agnese Nelms Haury, known for her appreciation of indigenous and world cultures, her love of art and science, her personal humility, and her boundless generosity.


We believe that people who live and work in communities every day best understand what those communities need.


We know that diverse voices combine for the strongest ideas and strategies in higher education and social progress.


21st century solutions require collaborations that overcome and eliminate boundaries to sustainable solutions.


We fund promising community organizations, researchers and students working in authentic partnerships.


By collaborating with community groups from a place of mutual respect, we expand on the land-grant college mission of the University of Arizona and amplify its scholarship and research.


We empower people to create transformational change through directed commitments of money, time and trust.

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