Undergraduate Initiatives

Undergraduate Initiatives

True to its namesake, the Agnese Nelms Haury Program in Environment and Social Justice greatly values activities that bring together our campus and communities to advance common causes. Our University-Community Partnership Awards embody that ideal, which is also reflected in our supporting experiential learning for University of Arizona (UA) undergraduate students.

Each year, the Haury Program invests as much as $40,000 in programs that give undergraduates opportunities to directly engage with local communities, giving students real-world education while offering our surrounding communities the benefit of their enthusiasm, energy and growing knowledge.

Early on, the Huary Program directly supported the UA's Compost Cats program, Biosphere 2 Outreach Scholars program and Community and School Garden Program. Today, to reduce duplication of effort and support excellent grant-making already in place, we give funds yearly to two UA organizations that vet and fund student initiatives:

The UA Green Fund, through which anyone in the UA community can apply for grants for projects related to sustainability. The Haury Program donates funds specifically earmarked for projects that provide socially just solutions to environmental problems. Awards are decided entirely by a committee of ten graduate and undergraduate students.

The UA Office of Student Engagement, which works to give every UA undergraduate "the opportunity to begin to make a mark in the world, taking action to apply knowledge and skills to real challenges." These opportunities arrive in the form of internships, research experiences, field work, service learning projects and more. Haury Program funding is directed to opportunities with a social justice or environmental component, particularly those that engage off-campus communities.