Other Grant Opportunities

Other Grant Opportunities

Other Grant Opportunities

Securing additional funds to those of The Haury Program ensures a successful and long-lasting project. Securing funds is a challenge and that’s why we recommend you to pay attention to other opportunities that could help you leverage funds you have secured either with The Haury Program or other entities.  

The University of Arizona has compiled a list of COVID-19 funding opportunities.

The 11th Hour Project is the grant-making arm of The Schmidt Family Foundation, established by Eric and Wendy Schmidt in 2006. The 11th Hour Project works at the nexus of Energy, Food & Agriculture, and Human Rights to build resilient systems for food, water, and human health.

GrantWatch is a site where you can search hundreds of environmental grants to promote environmentally sustainable workplaces, neighborhoods, and schools.

US Federal Grant-making agencies. A comprehensive list providing access to information about federal grant-making agencies.

Society for non-profits offers free (and some paid) resources for non-profit organizations, from how to start a non-profit organization to a step-by-step fundraising guide and a directory of grant-making foundations.

The Center for Nonprofit Excellence (CNE)  publishes a list of foundations in a wide range of topics including deadlines. 

FundsNet Services compiles and organizes hundreds of thousands of grants each year and categorizes them by state and type to help you quickly find what you're looking for. They've compiled a list of Environmental & Conservation grants that promote sustainable living in both business, home, and schools.