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Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering

Type of Organization:
University of Arizona
UA College:
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, College of Engineering
Biosystems Engineering is a biologically based engineering discipline that applies engineering knowledge and expertise to biological systems. At the University of Arizona we have two primary tracks: biological engineering and water resources engineering.
Example Activities:
The biological engineering emphasis provides background for developing biotechnology applications based on a strong knowledge of both engineering and biological sciences, and covers such applications as biosensors, bioreactors, cell cultures, alternative fuels, and more. This emphasis also includes a pre med track and a focus in controlled environment agriculture. The water resources engineering emphasis is strongly based on soil, water, and plant relationships and is aimed at water management, irrigation engineering, water quality controls and environmental management.
Served Populations:
Urban Populations, Indigenous Populations, Farmers, Ranchers, Hispanic Communities
Social Category:
Food, Health, Water, Energy, Jobs
Environmental Category:
Climate Change, Freshwater Use, Land Use Change, Nitrogen and Phosphorus Cycles
Location of Activities:
Contact Information:

Kitt Farrell-Poe
Department Head

Theresa Spicer
Program Coordinator, Sr

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