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Community Partner Directory

Altar Valley Conservation Alliance

Type of Organization:
The Altar Valley Conservation Alliance is a collaborative conservation organization founded in 1995, and incorporated as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. The Alliance's mission statement: We work through a strongly collaborative, science-based, community driven and integrated approach to: CONSERVE healthy and productive working landscapes, including soil and water conservation, wildfire management, habitat conservation and protection of native species, and other environmental initiatives. PROMOTE a thriving agricultural economy by encouraging improved ranching and farming practices, diversification and innovation, and by supporting programs and policies that support more effective, long-term economic development. SUSTAIN a resilient rural community by retaining and renewing the cultural and historical traditions of the Altar Valley.
Example Activities:
Just southwest of Tucson, Arizona, the Altar Valley comprises approximately 610,000 acres of Sonoran desert grassland, some of the most biologically rich and ecologically threatened biotic communities in the world. Private ranches work side by side with federal, state and local agencies to manage the valley, which is the largest unfragmented watershed in Pima County, outside of the Tohono O'odham Nation to the west. It is a working landscape managed by families for generations — families who provide sound stewardship while functioning collectively as bulwarks against urban development and other threats that would forever alter this fragile social and ecological environment. These families collaborate with other organizations and citizens via the Altar Valley Conservation Alliance to solve problems and enhance the watershed through science, communication, and restoration project.
Served Populations:
Rural Populations, Indigenous Populations, Farmers, Ranchers
Social Category:
Resilience, Water, Food, Education
Environmental Category:
Freshwater Use, Biodiversity Loss, Land Use Change, Nitrogen and Phosphorus Cycles
Location of Activities:
Tucson, Arizona, Southwest
Contact Information:

Kyle Thompson
Science & Conservation Coordinator

Affiliated Programs

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