Dr. Deanna L. Lewis works with LGBTQ+ community experts to develop a course at the College of Public Health

June 7, 2021

Dr. Deanna L. Lewis, Director of the Center 4 Community Campus Connections, C4, believes research, education, and training are critical components to improve the experiences of transgender and gender-diverse populations. "Inequitable health disparities continue to persist within the LGBTQ+ communities. Additionally, within these communities, transgender and gender diverse populations suffer higher rates of adversities and significant health disparities related to gender identity." 

In January 2020, Dr. Lewis received a Haury director's funds to bring together community experts with diverse perspectives to inform the development of a stand-alone public health course at the University of Arizona's College of Public Health. Building on the practice of social equity and economic development, the community experts identified emerging themes, including mental health and well-being, sense of community, safe spaces, LGBTQ+ resources, diversity, equity, and inclusivity to thrive, and faculty as role models, to include in the class. 

The "sharing of oneself through regular connection, building community, and sense of belonging is only the beginning for the C4 team," mentions Dr. Lewis. Learn more about this initiative in the C4 report