2024 Haury Program Native Pathways Tribal College Partnership Awards - Call for Applications

Release date 2/19/2024

New Funding Opportunity Announced!


2024 Haury Program Native Pathways

Tribal College Partnerships Awards

Call for Applications


The Haury Program is pleased to announce an open call for proposals for a new opportunity- Native Pathways Tribal College Partnership Awards to support new partnership projects between the University of Arizona and Tribal Colleges in Native American and Indigenous resilience. Collaborators between the University of Arizona and all Tribal Colleges from disciplines that specifically address Indigenous resilience are invited to apply. This is a pilot program launched in 2024 and we are inviting new ways to support Indigenous Education pathways focused on:

  1. Partnership projects that address water, energy and food access and challenges, and/or climate change challenges faced by Native American and Indigenous communities, especially those within Arizona; and/or
  2. Partnership projects that strengthen student skills related to specific tribal or Native Nation’s Traditional Environmental Knowledge, values, data sovereignty, or other ways of approaching resilience challenges of Native American and Indigenous communities.

These one-time Native Pathways Awards will be made on a rolling basis and evaluated as they are received. Funds are available immediately and must be spent by June 30, 2025 or one year from award receipt (whichever is later). Please note: we have limited funds available, and proposals received after funds have been exhausted will not be considered. Funds are available for up to $20,000 per application.

These funds can be used for activities, salaries, materials and equipment, transportation, stipends for speakers and any allowable expense by the University of Arizona and the Tribal College. We expect at least half of the funds to go the Tribal College. The budget and narrative provided with the application should be a clear description of what the collaboration will be, the goals and anticipated impact of the collaboration and the vision for how this may be the first or an on-going step in collaboration with the University of Arizona. Funding lines should support this narrative. Some potential uses of the funds are for student research projects or engagement trips between UArizona and TCU facilities, shared activities or programs in classes, workshops, day events, or between student groups, and creating pathways to a four-year institution.


To apply:
Please submit a two-page letter signed by both the Tribal College lead and the University of Arizona lead and a one-page detailed budget.

The 2-page proposal letter should include: 

  1. Description of the beneficial relationship this funding will support, specifically how this will benefit students or programs and build relationships between the two entities. The proposal should also include what the collaborators envision for an on-going relationship after the Haury funds are exhausted.
  2. Outcomes or deliverables for the collaboration—for example, research posters, presentations, new programs or coursework.
  3. Engagement/dissemination plan to tribal partners and/or campus, with special emphasis on reciprocity with tribal communities.
  4. Additional attachment required for projects and programs with direct tribal research such as Letter of Support or research approval from Tribal partner or Tribal Nation.

The 1-page budget should include:

  1. Budget/Spending Plan – This could include salary, equipment, travel, conference attendance, meals for community presentations, printing of publications etc. Note all spending must be allowable expenses per UArizona and/or the Tribal College policies. The budget must clearly show which funds go to the Tribal College and those that go the the UArizona. A suggested template is attached.

Submit your proposal to Toni Massaro, Haury Program Executive Director, massaro@arizona.edu with a copy to nancypetersen@arizona.edu and ninasajovec@arizona.edu. Use the subject line: Native Pathways – Tribal College Partnerships Award 2024.

Proposals leading to a successful award must comply with Haury Program award requirements, such as providing a final report by June 31, 2025 and following all UArizona policies. For funded proposals, the Haury Program will distribute the funds to the University and Arizona and Tribal College as outlined in the budget provided to us.

UArizona awardees must also attend Course ID: 1278 Tribal Consultation and UA Research/Engagement with Native Communities (Session Details: April 1, from 10 am to 12 pm, at the Health Sciences Innovation Building; sign up in UArizona Edge Learning). Please also review the ABOR 1-118  policy on Tribal Consultation along with the UArizona Guidelines for Research and Engagement, and other resources offered by UArizona Native Peoples Technical Assistance Office (NPTAO). To review some previously awarded UArizona – Tribal College Partnerships please visit the Haury Program website.

For questions contact: haury@arizona.edu

About the Haury Program:

The Agnese Nelms Haury Program in Environment and Social Justice, or the Haury Program for short, was established in 2014 and seeks to honor the life and work of Mrs. Agnese Nelms Haury. Mrs. Haury believed in social justice and sought to solve “wicked” societal and environmental problems facing our region and our world. The Haury Program is funded by a bequest from Mrs. Haury’s trust and is overseen by a Donor Advised Fund Board. In 2020, the Haury Program pivoted to center our work on advancing Indigenous Resilience. We do so by center on three focus areas: First focus area includes funding education, research, and outreach that promote Indigenous Resilience in ways that respect tribal knowledge and sovereignty. Second focus area supports robust Native American pathways to and at the University of Arizona for students, faculty and staff. And finally, the third focus area centers, builds, and fosters trust-based partnerships at the University of Arizona and beyond, including with other philanthropic institutions that share our mission and goals. Native Pathways Awards Program is designed and administered by the Haury Program to strengthen the academic pathways for Native American and Indigenous Resilience students and scholars, with an emphasis on UArizona programs and people devoted to Native and Indigenous resilience education, research, and outreach.