Many people, including students and faculty from across the University of Arizona (UA) campus and partners within our community, make the Agnese Nelms Haury Program in Environment and Social Justice a success.

The people listed here are those who help to formally guide and operate the program as advisors and staff. Use the filter tools below to view current advisors, staff and board members or read a short biography of Mrs. Haury to learn more about the woman whose legacy we maintain.

Donor-Advised Fund Board

The DAF Board makes funding recommendations to the UA Foundation based on recommendations from the Advisory Council and Program staff. It's comprised of six members, including the three trustees of the Haury Estate, whose appointments are permanent. Other members of the DAF Board rotate in two-year appointments.


The small staff of the Haury Program coordinates its award-making, scholarship programs, community and campus engagement, daily operations and the growth and evolution of the Program in accordance with the vision of Mrs. Haury's values and intentions.

Haury Program staff make funding recommendations to the Donor-Advised Fund Board and UA Foundation to determine award recipients. Additionally, the Program Director determines awards to invest in our broader mission.

Founding Director 2014-2019

Anna Spitz helped in the design and implementation of the program since its inception. You cand find her legacy in the program strategic plan 2020-2024.

Founding Advisory Council 2014-2019

The Advisory Council was established to provide insights and advice to the trustees of the Haury Estate bequest. It's comprised of seven members of the UA community who serve appointments up to two years. Members are primarily senior faculty and administrators with deep knowledge of the UA ecosystem and key issues and organizations within their fields and include one member from outside the university.  

Founding Rising Voices Board 2016-2019

The Rising Voices Board was established to bring diverse views and voices to the Haury Program governance. Its members are generally younger, early- to mid-careers and represent a range of races, cultures and life experience. During their two-year appointments, they provide perspective and advice to Program staff and Donor-Advised Fund Board.