Mrs. Haury believed strongly in partnerships by which universities work with community programs and resources to achieve shared goals. True to that vision, the Agnese Nelms Haury Program in Environment and Social Justice provides awards for initiatives that best leverage the University of Arizona and community resources. University-Community Partnerships encourage innovation in research, education, and solution implementations that address and give voice to populations most vulnerable to environmental and social justice challenges.

The Community-Campus Partnerships for Health provides information useful for all kinds of campus-community partnering. Their Resource Library has information about many different forms of partnerships, participatory research and engaged scholarship, the role of governance in partnerships, and other articles.

The curriculum, Developing and Sustaining Community-Based Participatory Research Partnerships: A Skill-Building Curriculum, provides an excellent tool for community-campus partnerships.

Engage for Equity offers a model a CBPR (Community-Based Participatory Research) model for planning and evaluation of community-engaged partnerships. The CBPR Model is used as a storyline or logic model to show the connections between partnering and community engagement practices, and goals to better serve communities and improve inequities in health, education, and community development. The site offers tools & resources and examples that guide you through the process. Two worksheets and an initial survey will help you evaluate your current partnership.

Pre-Community Engagement: Setting the Stage for Authentic Community Engagement seeks to inform organizations that aim to conduct community engagement about the preparation needed to develop a community engagement plan and strategies that inspire participation and connect with residents in an authentic way. The authors and community leaders dedicate their insights, experiences, and voices to new frameworks built on guiding principles, the honoring of underlying values, and ten community-driven recommendations. Learn more about Vitalyst Health Foundation.

Our Awards Database offers a comprehensive history of The Haury Program's competitive awards: University-Community Partnership Seed and Challenge grants, Faculty Fellows (since 2017) and Visiting Associates. Here, you can find extraordinary examples of successful partnerships awarded by The Haury Program.