Project Planning and Evaluation

The STEM Learning Center offers consultations on a variety of topics to achieve more effective projects including project evaluation, broadening participation and broader impacts; project design; education research and evaluation; inclusive practices; and collaborating with partners within the university, across institutions, or with industry.

You can request a consultation early in your project planning period. Also, once a year during Fall, we conduct an evaluation workshop designed to help applicants set up an assessment and evaluation framework for the proposed project using a Project Roadmap Template. Stay tuned for our next workshop.

The Project Roadmap Template is a table that acts as a framework for the project design, implementation and evaluation by laying out goals, activities, expected outcomes from activities, and larger impacts of the project. The Illustration of Change will form the basis for the project evaluation plan that successful proposal teams will develop with the Haury Program upon award. 

The Budget Template helps applicants to create a detailed budget for the project including any information concerning resources leveraged from additional sources. 

We encourage partners to start thinking about an exit strategy in the early planning stages of the project.